Caste Based Discrimination Complaints (SC/ST)

Caste Based Discrimination Complaints (SC/ST)

As per the instructions of UGC and RTMNU letter No. jkrqeukfo@lk-iz@l@2399] fnukad 3 twu 2016                                                                     there should be no caste based discrimination (SC/ST) in the institution. In case of such incident the students can register their complaints in “Caste Based Discrimination Complaint Register (SC/ST)” which is available in the Principal’s Office.

Students can also submit their complaints via email.

For this send an email to with the following details and submit the printout of the sent email along with student’s signature to the college office.

Name              :-

Father’s Name:-

Class                :-

Address           :-

Contact Number:-

Parent’s /Guardian’s Contact Number:-

Email Address            :-

Nature of complaint:


Note: Online complaints will be accepted only after submitting the print copy of sent email along with the signature of the student.

Contact Person: Dr Sushil Chauhan